Our Seasonal Favourites

Autumn leaves and a red bridge in Minoh, Japan

In Autumn, splashes of red and gold erupt across the hillside at Minoh. Visitors flock to this national park to appreciate the beauty of the autumn leaves. No visit would be complete without sampling the local delicacy, momiji tempura. These deep-fried maple leaves are thickly coated in a sweet, crunchy batter that will give you more than enough energy for a walk.

Most visitors follow a path through the forest to a narrow waterfall that cascades photogenically past the autumn leaves. It's worth climbing a little further up the hill for views down the valley to the city of Osaka in the distance. Beware of the monkeys though. They really live up to their unfriendly reputation and are constantly fighting with each other. They have a habit of stealing from visitors too, if you have anything that piques their interest.