Our Seasonal Favourites

Fire dancer twirling flaming cannonball at Esslingen Medieval Market in Germany

The flames leapt as the torches were thrown higher and higher. The juggler turned in circles, keeping the flaming batons airborne and throwing the odd one under his leg for good measure. Next up, a fiery canonball on a hefty chain was swung and twirled with surprising ease. Hoops spun, whips cracked and everyone enjoyed the show. The fire dancers, jesters and bards are the highlight of Esslingen Medieval Market but there's still plenty more to do.

A cup of steaming hot mead is a good start but it turns out hot blackcurrant mead is even better. On a snowy winter's night, it goes very well with deer gulasch. Peruse the themed stalls and see craftsmen making baskets and candles or blowing glass. Or join the kids throwing axes and firing catapults to win prizes.

Esslingen Medieval Market runs from 27th November to 21st December 2018.