Our Seasonal Favourites

Close up of cherry blossom in Hamadera Koen, Osaka, Japan

Every spring, dense clusters of pink and white flowers festoon the trees in Japan. Keen to make the most of this seasonal spectacle, Japanese people get cherry blossom fever. Parks are full of people having Ohanami (flower viewing) picnics and barbecues under the cherry trees. They snack on sushi or grill beef and yakisoba noodles. With a few drinks and some good company, this gives plenty of time to appreciate the cherry blossom.

People go hiking in areas known for their cherry trees. Kiosks sell sakura (cherry blossom) ice cream. Even Starbucks offer Sakura Frappuccinos, bright pink drinks topped with piles of cream and sprinkles.

Around Tokyo and Osaka, the cherry blossom season usually starts in late March / early April. In the south of Japan, the cherry blossom blooms earlier. It's later in the north.  Pick up some snacks and drinks and find a park to join in the Ohanami fun.