Travel Photos: Dubai Miracle Garden, A Blooming Oasis in the Desert

Tunnels of flower hearts at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

Walking through the towering Jurassic Park style gates, we were confronted with an overwhelming scene, an explosion of colour akin to stepping into a kaleidoscope. Gigantic birds, their wings carpeted in flowers, stood proudly among the trees, which dripped with red and purple petunias. Golden sunflowers surrounded a herd of giraffes, each unique and sprouting dozens of flowers. An army of ants marched single file across the lawn transporting yet more petunias, under the command of a stern looking General. And all of this paled into insignificance next to the gigantic floral teddy bear that towered over everything. This was just our first view of Dubai Miracle Garden, a small taste of the rainbow of extravagance to come.

Our Grand Entrance

Giraffes, trees and flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

Avenue of Swans

Flower swans at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

The Towering Teddy Bear

Giant teddy holding a heart at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

Emirates A380

Emirates A380 flower plane at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE


The Miracle Garden holds a Guinness World Record for their life-size A380 aircraft, the largest flower arrangement in the world.

Flower Houses

House of flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE


Floral owl and baskets of flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

Millions of Flowers

Flowers, pagodas and flower swans at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE


Over 100 million flowers make up the Miracle Garden.  Keeping them alive requires 757,000 litres of recycled waste water per day.

Rest Areas

There are plenty of rest areas and benches throughout the garden should you need to take a break.

Rest area benches at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

Peacock Clock

Flower clock and peacock at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

Frog Pond

Flower frog in pond at Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE

Created in a remote suburb of Dubai, somewhere between the barren desert and a construction site, the Miracle Garden is one of Dubai's hidden treasures. Although smaller than many of the ambitious development projects in Dubai, the Miracle Garden is impressive in its own right. Keeping around one hundred million flowers alive in such an inhospitable desert environment is quite a feat. The water bill must be enormous! It is a delightfully bizarre if somewhat psychedelic experience and wildly different from the usual garden concept.

Dubai Miracle Garden Travel Tips

Dubai's current train and bus network does not extend to the Miracle Garden. A taxi is the best way to get there.

The Miracle Garden is only open for half the year, roughly November to May. Check their website before you visit for details.

There are lots of food and drink kiosks inside the Miracle Garden complex. There are also plenty of rest areas and seats scattered throughout the garden.

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