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About Adventure O'Clock

We live in a world full of diverse cultures, bizarre creatures and inspirational places. It's time to start exploring!

We believe in doing what you can with the time you have and making the most of every opportunity.  We started this blog to share our experiences in the hope that you'll be inspired to have more adventures of your own.

Maddy and Chris illustration, the team behind Adventure O'Clock

About Chris And Maddy

Chris and Maddy met in 2003 when they were students in Scotland and the adventure began soon after.

During the years they spent working as English teachers in Osaka, they travelled the length and breadth of Japan. They contributed a snowman to the snow festival in the frozen north, watched the sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji and even dived the mysterious underwater ruins of tropical Okinawa. They learned to speak Japanese and developed an unhealthy love of kushikatsu along the way.

Chris jumping into Yoshino River rapids in Koboke Gorge, Shikoku

Chris takes the plunge

Moving on to Australia, they swapped business suits for wetsuits and worked on the Great Barrier Reef before setting off on a road trip. They were chased by possums in Tasmania, camped in the Red Centre and lived in Sydney long enough to see the New Year's fireworks from Harbour Bridge.

Later, working as diving instructors in Cyprus, they spent every day driving speedboats and jet skis up and down the Akamas coast. They indulged in excessive quantities of taramasalata and freshly baked baklava. And in their rare moments of free time, they explored Roman ruins, delved into Greek mythology and saw baby turtles hatching on the beach.

Maddy diving around coral on Kensho Maru, Truk Lagoon

Maddy doing what she loves most

Now based in rural England, they work as long haul travel specialists. Although they spend most of their time planning other people's holidays to far flung destinations, very much off the beaten track, they have still found the time to walk with dragons in Komodo, dive the wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon and fill their holidays and weekends with all sorts of adventure.

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